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The Unnamed Forest

of Allison Fraclose

17 January 1979
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I've penned two novels and several short stories for both children and adults. Sometimes I rhyme stuff and make little songs and poems, but that's all extracurricular. My first middle grade novel, Elves Over Easy is suffering at the scissors of doom, but don't worry! Soon those pieces will reassemble into a glorious golem of sparkling prose, and it will walk the earth. Hopefully, to find an agent.

NOTICE: As of 2009, I've scaled back my book reviews, simply because I can't keep up. You may still send requests, but, I must warn you, it may be months before you see your review posted. I highly recommend TeensReadToo.com if you are looking for reviews. You can find some of my reviews on TeensReadToo.com, The Assembly on Literature for Adolescents, and The Edge of the Forest online newsletter. I have also posted private reviews to Amazon.com, Young Adult (& Kids) Books Central, and this blog.

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