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WATCHERS by W. Lyon Martin

While getting ready for bed, a young child hatches a plan to finally catch the monsters hiding in his room at night. He rigs a trap and keeps his eyes open, while five pairs of eyes creep closer and closer. The bag above his bed falls, and he’s caught them!

But instead of icky monsters, he finds a set of fairies, each one with their own talent. With five new friends to watch over him, now he can fall asleep knowing that he’s safe.

This sweet bedtime tale with beautiful imagery is based on a poem given to the illustrator’s friend, Kelley, by her grandmother when she was a little girl. Now, Kelley sings the poem as a lullaby to her own children.

Perfect for the child who’s afraid of the dark, this book will give reassurance that gentle creatures will always watch over them and keep the scary things away.

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