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May 2019

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thunderchikin is having a contest for the release of his first book, SOUL ENCHILADA. Here's the full story and here are the rules:

To enter:

1. Create your own candy heart at http://www.cryptogram.com/hearts/. Your heart can say anything you'd like. You are not limited to phrases from the ARC (since you haven't read it).

2. Copy and paste this entire post--as well as the image of your candy heart--on your blog, Facebook, MySpace, website, etc.

3. Once you’ve completed #3, email me at davidmacinnisgill AT gmail.com with the link to your post. Voila! You're entered in the giveaway.

4. The contest will be judged by three teen readers based on the criteria of originality, design, and message. The contest closes July 31st.

5. The prize is a personalized, signed ARC and a special gift, TDB by the judges. The winner will be contacted via email. Her/his name and winning entry candy heart will be posted on my lj blog, as well as my home site DavidMacinnisGill.com.

Good Luck!

I had a bit of trouble getting the phrase I wanted all on one heart, (It was originally going to be about bacon and sandwiches) so I had to modify it a bit. Luckily, it sort of fits the theme:

bostonerin is also having a contest for her first book, MODELS DON'T EAT CHOCOLATE COOKIES. All you have to do is tell her your most gruesome bridesmaid dress story here. Mine isn't all that great; I've never been a bridesmaid, and I've only dealt with those dresses for my own wedding. I decided long ago to be fair to my own bridesmaids and choose dresses that they could wear again and that wouldn't bankrupt them, so I never heard any complaints.

Erin is also giving away free music on the MODELS website. Check it out!