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May 2019

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For anyone watching "King of Nerds:"

Don't you just sort of....feel for Alana?

I mean, everyone else in that house is either classic quick-brain-smart nerd or looks-good-in-convention-costume-trendy nerd. But her...she's like so many people that I know! I think that nearly a third of the Tucson Nanowrimo community resembles her.

I have a theory about this. Now that being a nerd is actually viewed as an asset in popular culture, a new version of scapegoat had to emerge. Now there's cool nerds and nerds that even the other nerds won't touch. No one in that house seems to like her very much. They're the cool kids among nerds.

So, in many ways, she's the ultimate nerd.

Unfortunately, that doesn't means she wins the competition (although she did win the first immunity by NOT EVEN BEING PICKED FOR TEAMS BY THE OTHER NERDS)(which was a brilliant twist on the old trauma, I must say). And, to be honest, I doubt she will.

But I just think it's interesting to see this other layer emerge. Her type is the nerddom that I've known as home for years. We're specialized. We love fandoms, but only know a few by heart. We love fantasy, but don't speak Orcish. We love costumes, but look rather pathetic in them. We're not quick or brilliant (unless we get caught in our element), and kind of caustic at times, but total sweethearts if you get to know us. Unfortunately, our lax habit of dress and off-putting manneurisms prevent that for most folks.

So, watching her through the eyes of these other "cool kid" nerds--seeing their painful reactions to everything she does that the camera captures--has been a real eye opener for me. And we're only on the second show tomorrow!

It's been a little disconcerting for me. I just didn't realize how few skills I really have.

At least none that make me nerdy enough to succeed at a show like this.

And I can't help but wonder: Am I a traitor to my nerd roots by being turned off by a person like Alana? Or have I just grown out of it?


Interesting. I've never seen the show, but I was certainly called a nerd often enough as a kid. I'm not really that kind of nerd, though. I read tons (and always have), and I've always had enough intelligence to do what I wanted with school -- but I'm not a sci-fi geek at all, I don't like costumes (I don't even dress up for Halloween), and I've never gotten the little in jokes...so I'm a misfit too ;)
She sounds interesting. I think I might need to hunt this show down.
Wanted to see that show, but sadly I have enough on my plate already. Very cool you like it though!