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May 2019

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A new year

I just realized a movie mistake in Sleepless in Seattle, one of my all-time favorite movies.

I was thinking that, here in Arizona, The Wiggler could watch the ball drop and then go to bed right afterward. For some reason, it just occured to me that, because of the time change, the Times Square ball drops at midnight there and 10pm our time.

In Sleepless in Seattle, it shows Sam trying to shake Jonah awake to watch the ball drop, since its' apparently so late there. But the ball would be dropping at 9pm their time, in Seattle, and we all know from the infamous black widow spider scene that Jonah is used to staying up until 10pm on some nights. 9pm would not be so late for him.

Oh, the things it takes you years to notice...

Happy new year, everyone!


Don't they watch it taped on the west coast? I know it sounds silly, but I really thought they did that.
You can; it all depends on what the local stations decide to air. We watched it live on CNN, at 10.

Besides, the cut away in Sleepless in Seattle gives the impression that Sam is watching it at the same time Annie and Walter are counting down.

Happy new year, Anne Marie!
They do time-delay it (our kiddos watched the ball drop at midnight here, and it was already 2am in NYC). But yeah, they're *implying* it's all happening at the same time ;)
Happy new year, Robin!
Happy New Year!

I was listening to the Practical Magic soundtrack this morning on my way to work and thought of you... :)
Aw, cool!

Happy new year to you, too! You going to write me back so we can come up with an exchange plan?
I wrote you like a week ago! :) But, I've fallen off the wagon a little bit and I'm trying to get back to it...