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March 2013

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King Cake PAR-TEH!

Well, as depressed as my husband was about that terrible upset for the Cardinals right at the end of the 2nd half, he was still kind enough to divvy up the King's Cake for our celebration. Once he cut the pieces and doled them out, we found that:

authorwithin had drawn the baby! You got the pecan!

Congratulations! You now have the honor of hosting the next King Cake Celebration when you choose. I've also included a prize, although, sadly, not as cool as the one newport2newport gave away.

I got this idea from my friend tragerstreit, who recently held a "happy box" exchange. You will receive a small box stuffed with little things that simply bring me joy, and which will hopefully do the same for you. I think I have your address somewhere, but you might want to email it to me just in case.

Thank you to everyone who came to my King's Cake Celebration! Be sure to visit authorwithin in a few days for a brand new cake and a brand new baby!


YAY! So at least if the Cardinals loose, I can feel better knowing I got the pecan! The only reason I'm online now is because of the Cardinals not doing well. What the heck is up with all their penalties?! Grrr . . . But I got the pecan so I'll be okay with it if the Cardinals loose. =D

So Now I get to host! YAY!
I know, right? Ugh, that game was terrible up until the last quarter. And then! Then, they could have had it, but the didn't! Grrrr...

Yeah it was a good game there at the end. So close . . .
a "happy box" exchange

How cool is that! I love that idea!

You girls are so creative.....
My name is Jenn by the way...I'm friends with newport2newport....I found my way to your journal through Melodye...and AUTHORWITHIN is friends with my friend Paula.

ANYway. I just love the idea of the happy box exchange...how did that work? I'd love to do that with my FL. We just recently had a WAITRESS PIE contest and that was a hit, so I'd like to do something equally as fun soon.

Edited at 2009-02-02 03:00 am (UTC)
Nice to meet you, Jenn, and thank you for taking part in the party. <^^> What say we be friends, too. I'm going to add you to my list, if that's okay.

The happy box exchange is exactly what it sounds like. Fill a box with little stuff that makes you happy, and then send it to someone or a bunch of different versions to a few different someones. Then they send back their own.

tragerstreit does get the best ideas.

I love new friends!

Just so you know, I'm a terrible writer, but I'm fun, so I'll apologize or all the grammatical errors right now!

I just LOVE the idea of the happy box exchange, so hope you dont mind if I snag that idea, and I will credit you girls!

No worries on the grammar. <^^> I can deal.

Please feel free to use the idea! It does make for a very happy time. <^~>


Congrats to authorwithin! (poor me...*sniff*) But - it was great cake & great fun! So, I'll be over to authorwithin's place to have some more! Cheers!
Uh - this anonymous is really me...
Good luck next time around!
Thanks! :^D